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Doggy Mate

Doggy Mate is a social networking platform for Dog lovers. It helps to connect dog breeders and help them expand their breed. Users can join and post photos, status, interact with fellow friends.


Social Networking


UI/UX Design



Dogs can't type.
Dog owners can.

Project was designed to help dog owners to interact with fellow people. It's really difficult to find similar group on Facebook.

Services Provided

we asked few real dogs for the feedback



Logo design, colors, fonts. And some dog interviews too.


UX Design

All the components for both desktop and mobile experience.


The web app was designed from ground up. It needs to be a welcoming place for dog lovers to hang out and show their love towards their pets.
It also needs to depict the personality of a dog. This was a tough job as there are hundreds of dog breeds and each have their own unique characteristic. The design needed to be a combination of all those characteristics.

The Mobile App Design

Difficult than web design

Showing similar details and UI elements on a smaller screen without compromising the user experience.

Tools & Tech

used for this project

What the client said

Even dogs were staring at the screen

"I love the complete design flow. Starting from how a user registers and how they interacts with other fellow dog lovers. Team put in a lot of efforts in the mobile design and that came out just perfect. Super happy."

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