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The Resilient U

The Resilient U is a skill based education community working to catapult humanity forward.




Web Design & Development



Elearning Platform
on a subdomain.

The Resilient U already had a website to market their courses, but client wanted to host all courses on a SaaS platform and a separate subdomain.

Services Provided

everything was designed in Podia


Web Design

Landing pages & curriculum page design for all courses, communities & memberships.


Graphic Design

Graphic design for all products and thumbnails in accordance with the existing brand language.


We designed various product types which included single courses, bundles, webinars, ebooks and private communities. This was accomplished without using any third party services/plugins.

Web or Mobile? Your choice.

It becomes easy on a SaaS platform.

Since we were using Podia for the elearning products, it was easy to design the website which is responsive since most of that part is taken care by Podia itself.

Some stats of the project

accurate to the best of my knowledge. bound to change


Tools & Tech

used for this project

What the client said

One more task was marked as done

"I was looking for completing the Podia project since long but was not able to take time out. I decided to hire someone else to complete it from me. I found Umang and requested him to help me completing the project. I was so much happy with what he came up with. I really liked his designs and custom graphics that he designed. He went above and beyond what was decided in the initial contract. He thought the project as his own and it truly reflects in the outcome. Well done."

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